Penny Arcade, xkcd, AND Homestuck in just over a week? It’s the uber-popular webcomic trifecta!

(From xkcd. Click for full-sized round number.)

I wanted to take a moment to honor the occasion of xkcd joining the 1000-Update Webcomic Club. I wouldn’t say it’s necessarily difficult to crank out 1000 comics, considering how many comics have done so (after all, it’s hardly 2000), but it still requires a minimum of three years of cranking out a comic on a regular basis (more than I showed with my own abortive webcomic attempt that still lasted over a year). That takes commitment and people who are willing to support you in a thankless project with no monetary guarantees (not that xkcd is lacking in money).

Of course, this milestone does come with a dirty little secret, but MS Paint Adventures didn’t let its own dirty little secrets keep it from honoring when its URLs hit 6,000… (Yeah, xkcd, you’ve got a while to go to match that!)

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