I’m not bringing back the Angst-O-Meter, because this is the good kind of drama.

(From Ctrl+Alt+Del. Click for full-sized deleted system file.)

While Ethan has been getting a bit of a rude awakening in the ins and outs of business, he’s mostly been dealing with it in his own Ethan way, so the biggest evidence Buckley has been on a reformation path is the most recent strip.

Doesn’t Lucas sound like one of the CAD haters in the first two panels? Especially the second panel.

Yes, CAD haters, Tim Buckley is very aware that “Ethan and Lilah have issues, and they just work them out and move on” and “shit just comes so easy to Ethan. He never has to work for anything.”

In fact, this strip suggests something that CAD haters have long been longing for – or at least found more logical than what’s actually been happening – may in fact be coming. If Lucas is becoming jealous of – for lack of a better term – Ethan’s Mary Sue-ness, it could serve as a prelude to a possible falling out between the two characters who have been friends since at least the beginning of the strip.

If you hate Ctrl+Alt+Del, I have a feeling you’re going to love the current storyline. Tim Buckley may actually be responding to your complaints.

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