On a completely unrelated note, goddamn do I hate Windows Update.

(From Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal. Click for full-sized unnatural selection.)

Sometimes I think SMBC is a little too mean-spirited for its own good.

Oh, those kooky alternative medicine users, with their disdain for things like “evidence”! It’s not as though a substantial portion of what was once considered “alternative medicine” has since become backed by that “evidence” thing, with acupuncture being the most famous example! And it’s not as though a lot of what’s considered “evidence” for mainstream medical practices today is surprisingly sketchy, or as though science in general as practiced today isn’t surprisingly prone to subconscious researcher biases!

And it’s not as though the record of what constitutes valid “evidence” is centered around the Western cultural record to the exclusion of other cultures, and is subject to Western cultural biases! And it’s not as though the practice of science itself is based on the fallacy that it’s possible to isolate and atomize the effects of any one thing in exclusion to any other thing, an atomist view that a lot of “alternative medicine” is fundamentally opposed to!

Christ, I’m not even into this kind of thing, but the least Zach Weiner could do is know his opponents.

(And damn I hope reading the Comics Curmudgeon regularly doesn’t turn me into a John Solomon clone…)

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