This is what I get for knocking out a post too hastily before I’d even really begun checking RSS feeds. I have to cheat and use the lack of guest comic on the RSS feed as an excuse to thumbnail the previous comic.

(From Questionable Content. Click for full-sized pep talk.)

Something’s been a little… off with the much-teased potential relationship between Tai and Dora. Tai’s had a crush on Dora for some time, and a pairing between them seemed to be a natural result of the end of the relationship between Marten and Dora, one Jeph Jacques has gleefully exploited, especially recently. Of course, Dora wasn’t exactly ready to dip back into the dating pool right away, early attempt to do exactly that notwithstanding, but considering how slowly time passes in QC it wasn’t something Jeph could keep putting off forever. The post-breakup period is now almost 20% of the comic’s existence. That’s nearly a full fifth.

But I feel like there’s a few things wrong with this comic and the build-up to it. For one, I’m not sure how much Dora knew or at least suspected of Tai’s crush before this point, considering she was dropping hints to her two years ago (well before the breakup), and especially considering the comments Marten and Faye were leaving her in the previous comic. I can’t help but wonder whether her reaction is supposed to be to Tai’s confession at the end of her statement, or to the content of everything else she says. (Or perhaps even to Tai herself.)

I also find Tai’s general behavior throughout this in-comic day, while potentially an interesting point of analysis, kind of odd. Earlier, she was in full-on boss mode, tasking Marten to train the new interns and talking with him about responsibility as though she were the shop owner preparing her kids for the day she’d have to hand the keys to the shop over to them. But when Dora showed up to Marten and Faye’s place, she became a gibbering, incoherent mess. Yet now, she’s standing up and telling Dora to suck up and not angst so much, seemingly showing all the confidence in the world. Of course, she is a little tipsy, but stuff like this kind of confuses me as to what the age difference between the two actually is. (While she is a graduate student who clearly has enough experience in the library to call some of the shots, she’s still a student, and I sometimes wonder how much younger she is than the very adult Dora, and the sizable gap in height doesn’t help.)

I will admit, though, I do get a little chuckle out of Dora getting, in some sense, a taste of her own medicine.

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