What does it say that I originally read his threat to kill them all as a prophecy of something that will have already happened, before remembering that the original trolls’ attempt to derail events ended up contributing to them?

(From MS Paint Adventures: Homestuck. Click for full-sized puzzlemurders.)

No sooner do I put up my post on the growing troll presence in this session than we get introduced to quite possibly the weirdest character ever to appear in pesterlogs, simply because of his shortened trolltag alone. I’d actually thought Hussie had created his symbol out of whole cloth, but it turns out that his symbol actually has more to do with Ophiuchus than the one we’d seen previously.

This character comes across as almost the bizarro version of the “thirteenth troll” we’d previously been introduced to, which given what she’s been like, makes him much closer to the trolls we’re already familiar with. In fact, it strikes me that the two are almost flip sides of Karkat’s personality. Karkat simply wanted to derail the kids’ session so it didn’t ruin the trolls’ own; I don’t recall him ever threatening to kill them all the way this character does, and he certainly did come to the point of assisting the kids, however begrudgingly. Giving credence to this, compare the colors of the three’s respective text.

There’s not much more to say at this point, other than that I certainly appreciate Hussie’s ability to make fun of his own long-windedness when he wants to. That’s the sort of metahumor I normally associate more with The Order of the Stick.

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