You could say… he beat him like an… 808 drum. YEEEEEAAAAAHHHHH!!!!! (Okay, that was completely and utterly lame.)

(From The Order of the Stick. Click for full-sized architectural knowledge.)

I have very little to add to this strip. (Not a good thing when it’s a whopping four pages long. Oh well, let’s see how it goes this time…)

I have very little to add to Roy taking time out in the middle of the fight to shoo away the spectators instead of protecting himself or returning to the arena to keep Thog away from the spectators. (Or his line “I’m a big scary gladiator with permissive ideas about individual rights!”)

I have very little to add to Roy tricking Thog into shoving him into columns, waiting for him to de-rage, then letting everything the columns were holding up cave in on him. Or to Roy managing to get in a one-liner in the aftermath. Or to the stealthily-meta title. Or to the more-confusing-than-you-might-think panel of Zz’dtri being led off.

(Actually, I do need to stress this more than I just did. Roy not only concocts a plan to ultimately defeat Thog, he allows his own body to be battered and bruised carrying it to completion. And then he taunts Thog about how he did it. That is just… Let’s put it this way: There is a reason why professional wrestling is popular, and there is a reason putting on shows like this works for evil dictators like Tarquin.)

I have very little to add to whether Thog is dead as a result of this, and honestly, for the moment I don’t care. My hunch is he isn’t, though, based on the sort of drama framed around this scene and what Rich has done in the past (not to mention it wouldn’t matter much anyway, as Roy knows well). Frankly, I wonder more what this means for Roy: would this make him the new Champion, and if so, what would escaping do to that?

I have very little to add to the Linear Guild fight (and thus this whole long 100+-strip Empire of Blood sequence) winding down, with Zz’dtri and Vaarsuvius being indisposed (I don’t know if I’m putting the apostrophe in the right place and for the moment I don’t care), Elan meeting with Durkon, and Belkar and Mr. Scruffy meeting up. I have a feeling, though, that I will be making a lot more posts on OOTS in the future – Rich will probably start sending the Order to Girard’s Gate (finally) soon, and that could result in quite a few post-worthy revelations, not to mention more moments like this (though not quite of this caliber) in the near future. And that’s not even getting into the posts I’ve had planned but have been waiting for the right moment to actually do, like my last OOTS post.

(I almost wrote “sending his cast to…” there. Is Robert A. Howard rubbing off on me? Speaking of which…)

I have very little to add to what Tangents said about this strip, especially since I made some of the same points he does earlier in the fight (and as with that strip, this one works largely because there are no swords involved), except to say that cross-cutting between different fights in different places is in fact one of Rich’s favorite tactics, and that if the fight has been dragging I would blame the slowing update schedule.

I have very little to add to being most of the way done with this post, but still needing to insert pointless filler like this to keep the comic image from messing up the layout of the page. (Hmm… maybe I should have inserted a thumbnail of only a part of the comic, like I did in my very first OOTS post? But there’s so much comic to choose from…)

I just want to say two things, at least one of which I suspect Eric Burns(-White) would say if he were still posting:

This comic… tells you everything you need to know about Roy Greenhilt.

And also: Roy Greenhilt is awesome.

That is all.

(Just a little bit further… YES! It counts! That’s right, that’s right, who’s the boss, who’s the boss?)

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