How weird is IWC? I saw this coming by the second panel.

(From Irregular Webcomic: Steve and Terry. Click for full-sized talentlessness.)

So earlier this week I tweeted how weird it was that Steve was about to become Hitler.

As it turns out, I wouldn’t know weird if it held me down and beat me up for my lunch money.

Here’s the funny thing: It wouldn’t be surprising if the “Me” character, as the creator of Irregular Webcomic!, was more important to history than anyone else in the room knows. Yoinking him out of history could conceivably cause the very reality they inhabit to collapse from the lack of his presence, maybe even cause the timeline distortion they’re having to deal with in the first place. Of course, Me has already been killed off once, but in this comic, that’s relatively minor.

Beyond that? I quite literally have no words to describe this. Whatever David Morgan-Mar is on, I want some of it. (Of course, that depends on which Morgan-Mar we’re talking about…)

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