I really don’t like what I’ve seen of the actual Garfield strips post-Liz hookup. Is she even the same character?

(From Square Root of Minus Garfield. Click for full-sized ch-ch-ch-ch-ch-ch-changes.)

I’m honestly not sure how much I still like Square Root of Minus Garfield. The comic really doesn’t read particularly well in an archive binge and is at best tolerable read one-at-a-time, and the exclusion of the annotation in the RSS feed (something you can’t say about Irregular Webcomic! or Darths and Droids) gets on my nerves. Another big problem is the √-G contributors’ tendency to beat certain memes among them into the ground.

This comic, though, is utterly sublime. On one level, it is a mashup of three of the most common strips to be overused and have every last drop of meme wrung out of them. But on another level, the first panel comes from the single most overused, over-memed comic in the history of √-G. Jon in the second panel says “We need to make some changes around here”, and the final panel comes from the new overused favorite comic du jour. So, the √-G crew was focusing on one comic, Jon decided they needed to make a change, and now they’re focusing on another comic.

It’s the sort of metahumor that, given the limitations of the source material, you don’t normally expect out of this comic.

(Hey, give me a break. I’ve barely slept a wink in two days, which is also why I promised a UFC post Wednesday on Twitter that hasn’t gone up yet. And the worst part? I actually expect it to be better for my sleep schedule in the long term.)

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